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Dating a subordinate lady

Dating a subordinate lady

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The employer is most at risk when trying to investigate and enforce a "no dating" policy by hiring a private investigator to follow the employee around, secretly reviewing an employee's voice mail, or listening in on an employee's office phone line. For example, morale will likely suffer if a company that employs datings a subordinate lady teenage or college-age employees also imposes a "no dating" policy.

The policy must clearly state whether dating among employees is prohibited or merely discouraged. If dating is merely discouraged, the policy should also indicate the counseling or documentation that will occur if employees violate the policy. In addition, any policy that prohibits co-worker dating should have an exception for employees who are married to one another.

Definitions: A "no dating" policy must describe what "dating" is. The policy should define if and when these activities are to be considered "dating. Penalties for Violations of Policy: A dating a subordinate lady that prohibits a supervisor from dating a subordinate must also describe the penalty imposed if the policy is violated.

Because men often hold more senior positions in a company, a policy that always penalizes the subordinate e. When enforcing a "no dating" policy, the employer must be careful to penalize both sexes equally.

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Regulating Work Place Romances

Things get particularly sticky when romantic relationships form between a manager and a direct report-which can have an impact on employee morale and put the company at compliance risk.​ Our survey also uncovered that 5 percent of employees are dating their manager at work. Lots of people meet their partners at work, and yet dating someone in the what your intentions are, it's best not to date your managers or subordinates. know one another over several months, the two women started dating. What are some good ground rules to follow while dating someone with commitment What "rules" should a woman follow to get and keep a man to commit?