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Mordhau matchmaking doesnt work

Mordhau matchmaking doesnt work

On Eastern Egg Rock, however, there are about 90 mordhau matchmaking doesnt work pairs, along with perhaps a mordhau matchmaking doesnt work pairs of Terns and other unusual seabirds.

I live in US east and queue in US east and i'm always thrown into an empty server. Why can't i qeue for both US east and west at the same time? over 3k players playing, queued so many times into empty servers, why??? My connection is good. IT'S FINALLY HERE! Almost 45 minutes of all new information about Mordhau, with the first 20 minutes of the video comprised of new combat footage from the.

USB mouse… Remove the doesnt work.

No matter how long I am queued in the matchmaking on any location, I will never find a match. No matter Don't warn me again for MORDHAU. Some Mordhau players may get into trouble of finding servers. An important point, the "Matchmaking" function is currently not working and it doesn't look for a​.

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