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Mordhau matchmaking reddit

Mordhau matchmaking reddit

This only happens on Mordhau, I have asked others aswell and it is the same for them. I have posted before the servers and games that I tested weeks before Mordhau release and I quote: ''Mount and Blade - Mount and Siege server located in Germany, slot server. All of the people I asked said the same thing, Mordhau reddit the only game that this happens. I played with a dude from Cyprus before a few minutes who port forwarded Mordhau ports aswell, he still gets ping which is a number higher than his normal in other games.

Which explains how a server from mount and blade can keep me with 60 ping with twice the people your servers have while my latency suffers in Mordhau.

same here, tempted to just play local for now to see how the game is, though I haven't got great first impressions, thought the whole point of it NOT being on. I get it, new game. It just honestly sucks waiting 15 minutes to find a frontline game, trying every server and all of them not letting you in because they are "full"‚Äč.

The revision letter is changed when a new model is introduced or when a major modification is made to the mordhau matchmaking reddit.

Matchmaking is just ridiculous

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