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Boss dating employee you

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Many companies prohibit employees from dating coworkers, vendors, customers, Then “let your bosses make the call on how to staff you. Employment discrimination attorneys Eisenberg & Baum discuss when dating your employee crosses the line into sexual harassment and what. McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook was fired after having been found to be in a “consensual” relationship with an unidentified employee.​ A press release by the fast-food behemoth stated that he “violated company policy and demonstrated poor judgment” in entering this relationship. If a manager chooses to date the reporting employee, they have to notify says that there is a social element to work and you can't stop people.

The policy must clearly state whether dating among employees is prohibited or merely discouraged. If dating is boss dating employee you discouraged, the policy should also indicate the counseling or documentation that will occur if employees violate the policy. In addition, any policy that prohibits co-worker dating should have an exception for employees who are married to one another.

Definitions: A "no dating" policy must describe what "dating" is. For example, employees often go to lunch together, may go out for a happy hour drink, or may attend a BBQ or picnic with one another.

The policy should define if and when these activities are to be considered "dating. Flexibility: Consider how flexible your policy should be. A rigid zero tolerance policy may result in the loss of two very good employees who fall in love with each other.