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Lala kent dating football player

Lala kent dating football player

What football player is la la kent dating; Vanderpump rules' lala kent posts instagram with boyfriend She's attracted to big built black guys when she's dating​. I've heard that she's dating some multimillionaire football player, second Early on in the Vanderpump Rules episode, Lala Kent told Ariana. Much of the Bravo reality show's fifth season centered around Lala Kent and her mystery man, whom The New York Post's Page Six identified.

Simply football player, if you are hanging out with your bro and your woman calls for you, ignore her.

In typical Kennedy fashion, he overreacted and yelled at Kent for her actions, because heaven forbid a single woman find pleasure with someone other than him. Anyways, Kent briefly mentioned how she and her ex, who is named "Hayes," aren't exclusively together, but hook up from time to time.

According to an interview Kent had with OK! Well, as the SUR hostess explained, he is a football player. He first found football fame as a starting linebacker at University of Southern California. Football is Pullard's life, which is demonstrated in a letter he wrote to the NFL before getting drafted. I think it's safe to say he is definitely living his football dream. It also hasn't gotten in the way of his relationship with Kent.

Yeah, I'm sure Kent's words about Pullard irritate Kennedy some, but clearly the two have a strong connection.

Lala Kent from #PumpRules is asked by a WWHL caller to clarify whether she dated a married man and she also comes clean about the non-disclosure agreement.